Our strong organization and systematic and disciplined approach allow us to avoid all known problems of offshore model. We own proven system for management of outsourcing processes, driven by BPM software.

The problems that usually arise in offsite projects are lack of onsite presence and miscommunication due to language barriers. We avoid these difficulties as our specialists provide strong onsite presence during the phases of the project. During the „Analysis“ and „Planning“ there are always some specialists involved that speak the respective language fluently. So requirements analyses are performed thoroughly with all the users and stakeholders of the project in their language. Our company employs professionals speaking fluently English, German…. This is the reason why our outsourcing projects never fail due to misunderstanding, miscommunication or miscoordination.
After the first phase the project is developed offsite, keeping strong communication and coordination with the client.

During the development process we never use the services of other companies or freelancers. Everything is developed in-house. This way we avoid chain subcontractor relations that cause problems with quality, communication, coordination and confidentiality.
Developing the project we pay serious attention to the comprehensive documentation that is prepared in the format desired by the client. As an option the documentation can be prepared in the local language or in English.

After the development phase we emphasize on strong onsite presence during the Installation, End User Training and Support.

In fact we provide the same or better quality of service and reliability as your domestic vendors. And same or better communication and workflow stability. And even better: our prices are just a fraction of what you expect.

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