Deliver Business Value

See how we help CIOs deliver business value. From Business Service Design to Business Service Delivery to Business Service Management we are a trusted partner when it comes to applying technology in business.

Near shoring value Q
EU member with stable economic/political situation
Low risk – reliable outsourcing location
Language skills in Englisch and partly German; similar mentality
Easy communication, partly in german
Explicitly lower people and development costs
Up to 30% cost savings compared to local vendors
Availability of very skilled IT experts
Quality improvement – free inhouse resouces
Focus on business value value Q
Consistant offering from the business process to the IT system including consultancy, training and support
Productivity and quality improvement as well as up to 30% lower TCO due to conclusiveness of offering
Experience (best practice) within several industries
Quick results = shorter time-to-market
Customer need determines technology to use
Lower costs/ higher quality because of “best” solution
flexible contract/license models (Outsourcing process)
Minimal initial investment and small ongoing costs
Innovative technology & development process value Q
Own highly automated BPM suite (license/SaaS)
Quicker, better business processes at lower costs
Optimized development and project Mgmt process
Maximum productivity = shorter time-to-market
Execeptionally high product and project quality
Clearly less efforts for adaptions and error correction
Top-class IT experts (talent pool) and own R&D
High innovation readiness ⇒ customer innovation

Business Service Design


  • Can be understood by managers as well as IT people
  • Storage of processes and models (version, author, etc)
  • Supports actual industry standards (BPMN 2.0)
  • Use of links and search functions
  • Development and integration of templates

Testing and simulation

  • Effectivity testing based on KPI‘s
  • Gap analysis (best vs. actual processes)
  • Integrity checks while modeling
  • „What if“ simulation
  • View on cost activities


  • Performance data automatically stored for optimization
  • Integration of processes into existing applications
  • Migration to new version of processes without interruption of productive workflows


  • Documentation for audits
  • Intuitive Drag & drop user interface
  • Ensure compliance with corporate standards
  • Integration of existing ERP and databases
  • Finished design as a process is ready to start

Business Service Delivery

The technology we will use is determined by the best possible solution for the customer!

  • Flexible, cost-efficient contract options (fixed, T&M, etc.)
  • 30-50 highly qualified IT experts available at any time
  • Productivity several times better than industry average
  • Development for mobile, web, entertainment, etc.
  • Development for enterprise (ERP, CRM, BPM, BI, etc.)
  • Management of big, small, local and/or international teams

Business Service Management

Business Service Management

Business view

  • up to 20% higher availability
  • up to 30% lower costs
  • focus on core competencies
  • more flexibility
  • shorter time-to-market

Technical view

  • highly qualified IT experts
  • technically optimal solution
  • high quality and performance
  • maximum security
  • highest reliability due to preventive monitoring