Business model :: flexible and cost-saving

We know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution in today’s dynamic world so we have three different ways you can do business with us.
All of them are proven to be effective and all of them are cost-saving and client-friendly.

The “Fixed team”

business model

The team you hire will be composed by our full-time employees but they will work exclusively for you. The project management control is in your hands thus giving you the ultimate control and flexibility over getting things done your way.

The “Partial resource”

business model

This usually happens with support and maintenance arrangements or with very small projects.
In that case you will be able to hire a partial resource on a weekly basis ( e.g. 4 man-hours support per week ) and use the resource as needed.
We will make sure that the resource is available.

The “Fixed price”

business model

A fixed price model is viable for projects with well defined requirements and schedules. When your need is clearly specified in details, we will estimate the project scope and complexity, and provide a project delivery schedule along with with a fixed price for the complete software development.
Please, don’t hesitate to talk to us about the way we can do business with you.
We are happy to discuss and we are always open for new suggestions.
You can have a look at our BLOG; you can get the price list or you can simple schedule a phone call.

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Why outsource?

The cost is important, but not the only advantage.

Companies outsource for different reasons:

  • To reduce operating costs / to cut down IT budgets
  • To accelerate time to market via flexibility / scalability
  • To free in-house resources for core business purposes
  • To improve business strategy / to gain competitive advantage
Some East-European companies offer just better quality of IT products and services than G7 companies. Find out more about our capabilities in Software Development, Software Quality Assurance, Software Support.

Why in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is located in the South-Eastern part of Europe. The country is an EU member since 2007 and is considered one of the viable outsourcing destination for major EU companies.

  • Available IT resource pool / stratum of educated professionals
  • Geographical proximity (distance & time zone)
  • Cultural proximity
  • Language skills
  • Political and economic stability / EU legal system

Bulgaria is on a GMT +2 timezone

Our time-zone allows us to be online at the same time with you. This means we will work right next to you 9 to 5 as if we are in the next room.
Most of the communication nowadays is based on conference calls and online messaging. So there is every chance that you won’t even notice that your colleague in Bulgaria is away.

Bulgaria is only 2 hours flight

In case we need to meet face to face, then we are really, really close to you. Only a 2 hours flight will get us together. We are ready to come and work onsite if needed and of course we are more than happy to welcome you n our premises.

The nearshoring is more efficient and more successful than the offshoring. Bulgaria has a passion for IT. We are the compatriots of John Vincent Atanasoff. Several generations later we still have a great talent pool. Take a look at ours.

Why Us?

Have a high skilled IT-professionals team on your side.

Mature outsourcing process / flexible business model

The Business Model

Project management quality / product quality

Free pilot project

Positive references and reputation / expirience

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